About Myself

Name :
Leonard Ng
Date of Birth :
6 Nov 1976
Sex :
Religion :
Race :
Nationality :
Hobbies/Interests :
Scuba Diving, ICE (In Car Entertainment), PDA, Computer, Music and Movies
Fav. Foods :
Chicken (esp. KFC...yum! yum!...hehee) and hot & spicy stuff
Fav. Drinks :
Lemonade, "Ais Limau"
Fav. Books :
Anything with big letters and with lots of pictures :P
Fav. Movies/TV Shows :
Friends, cosby show, adventure, action pack, horror and comedy, oh, and braveheart .. yeah, i know, it's so yesterday! but i like it the most :)
Fav. Cartoons :
God Mars, Voltes V, Daimos, Grendizer, Golion aka Voltron (Lions), Saber Rider, Bionic Six, MASK, Thundercats, Captain Power, Space Cop Gaban, Transformers, The Real Ghostbusters , Inspector Gadget, Centurions, Visionaries, Dragon Ball, Mospeada, Macross, Gundam 0079, Dr. Slump, Ultraman Jack, Flashman, etc.
yeah, the good ol' days! Please visit my favorite childhood cartoon room :)

wanna go holiday? Come to malaysia! Please click here then..! please click here to visit my gallery

hmmm... lemme' intro a bit about my family. My family consists of my parents and my younger sis. My dad is a retired Education Officer, my mom, a retired teacher and my sister, who has just got married. Kinda small family I have :)

My interests include Scuba Diving, In Car Entertainment, PDA, computer, music and movies. For those who doesn't know what a PDA is, PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant, it's a digital diary (replacing the "Buku 555"... if u know what i mean ;-)), like those small handheld computers that you can slot it inside your pocket. Currently, I'm using an HP iPaq 211 with a 8Gb Transcend SDHC Class 6 Memory Card. For more information on my PDA, please visit my Pocket PC Room. I'm a forum member of PPCSG.com and MyPDACafe.com, as well as Brighthand.com.

I have 3 customized desktop PCs, as well as a Dell laptop :P, you know, a tech freak I am :P On the first desktop PC, it has an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Yorkfield 2.83GHz Quad-Core Processor running on an ASUS P5Q Pro Motherboard with the OCZ Reaper 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Memory. It has a Sapphire 100265L Radeon HD 4830 512MB 256-bit Video Card, with both 250 GB and 1 TB Western Digital hard drives, as well as a Lite-On ± DVD-RW, using a Lian Li casing.

The second desktop has an Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz processor, with 1 GB of Kingston Ram and a PowerColor ATI 9600XT graphic card, 120 GB Western Digital hard drive and Lite-On 52x32x52 CDRW, running on CentOS (Linux) OS.

Third desktop has an AMD64 3.0GHz processor, sitting on a MSI NF4 board. It has 1GB of DDR400 Corsair RAM, using a PowerColor X800 video card, a Lite-On CDRW and 40 GB hard drive, with a Cooler Master Praetorian casing, running on Microsoft Windows XP Pro. It is hooked-up to the CCTV cameras around the house. All the desktops are sharing the same 17" Samsung LCD monitor (713N), Dell keyboard and a Logitech MX 518 mouse, using a 4-port ATEN KVM switch.

The Dell laptop is a Latitude D610, with a Pentium M 2.13 Ghz processor, 1 GB of memory, a Hitachi 60 GB of internal hard drive and a Sony ± DVD-RW. Also, i'm using the laptop with a Samsung 80 GB and a 500GB Western Digital hard drives. It is running on Microsoft Windows XP Pro.

All desktops/laptop are wired through the Linksys Wifi router on the 1st floor and ZyXEL Wifi router in the Living Room. A Samsung laser printer is connected to a Linksys Wireless Print Server, which is connected to the Linksys wifi router wirelessly.

I'm not interested in the computer games :P yeah, weird, huh?! To add up to my "weirdness", i don't like football either :P but I'm "straight" ... LOL Anyway, all i know is how to play solitaire and minesweeper :P Oh, about the computers, I'm into "PC modding". Below are some of the photographs of my system.

case mod 1 case mod 2 case mod 3

I'm also a forum member of Singapore Hardware Zone, LowYat.net and PC Modding Malaysia.

Oh, lately I've just got myself a Nintendo Wii. Sweet! It's the first photo below. It's kinda interesting and offers plenty of excitement. I "don't quite like" the conventional way of playing games, you know, using the gamepad sort of stuff. It's just my personal preference. So far, i like the Nintendo Wii very much. I get to swing my hand around, as well as jumping around :P At the end, i get to sweat :P Also, i've got myself a classic controller (2nd photo below), to play all the classic old games, like Super Mario Bros, Punch Out, Super Contra, etc. Oh well, the good ol' days. Recently, I've bought the Wii Fit... heheheee .. It gives me nice workouts, and with this, i hope i can shed away a few pounds :P

nintendo wii nintendo wii classic controller nintendo wii fit

scuba diver

Why i involved myself in diving?? Well, here is the history. i was involved in the Sabah Swimming Team during my high school days. For 6 years, i trained everyday. It was like i've grown up at the swimming pool :P After Form 5, i stopped swimming completely and went on with my studies in other part of the world. During my college years, i did miss the "water". Well, i did swim occasionally, but due to the busyness of my life, and also laziness, slowly, i stopped myself from visiting the pool. After about 13 years, in 2006, I have a one-month break in between jobs. During that time, I thought to myself, "Why not i involve myself in scuba diving?" yeah... finally, i'm back in the water again :P ... but this time, instead of swimming on top, i'm going below :P and .... i'm really obsessed with it now :D

scuba diver with manta ray

Since then, Scuba Diving has been my passion ;-p the excitement is indescribable. I've involved myself in diving ... since Oct 2006. I'm now an Advanced Open Water diver, looking to dive more places. Another reason why i've ended up diving, is because of a mentor, known as KatakPink :P He gave me advises, shared with me his passion. I would really thank him for involving me into this great activity.

I've took up the Nitrox course as well, certified by PSAI. I get to stay longer at certain depths and to have shorter surface time intervals. Also, nitrox is good because our body tends to not absorb nitrogen as quickly compared to breathing on normal air. I love to dive wrecks and going deeper. I think I'm interested in going into technical diving route but that's the future. In middle of 2008, i took up the GUE Fundamentals. I've got a "provisional pass". I think i'm not ready yet. So, i guess i'll just enjoy diving first. Please click here to see my list of Scuba gears :)

In diving, i've met lots of friends, not only local, but worldwide. In Malaysian Underwater Diving Community and MDC, there are a lot of nice people.. i mean, really nice :) Other non-malaysian forums include ScubaToys and ScubaBoard also have a lot of friendly people.

please click here to visit sabah ;-p

This website was created by myself using a simply just a notepad, fiddling around with the HTML codes itself. I have a great interest in creating web pages. Feel free to go through my "CyberHome" ;-) and please don't forget to sign my guestbook. You're most welcome to give any comments or suggest any ideas concerning my "CyberHome" so that I could make some improvement to it ;-) Due to insufficient time in my working life :( i've been unable to update my website as frequent as last time :(

p/s: Recently i've just converted my old html cyberhome to php and css for styling. It's a very flexible and powerful scripting language. It's nearly completed, and i'm going for the XHTML 1.0 compliant :-P

FYI, you can click on the "Contact Me" link from the navigational bar on top of the room. Due to SPAMS, i refrain from displaying my email address here :( Your advice and help will be gratefully acknowledged. Thank you very much. Have fun and enjoy!