it's me!!! it's me!!! welcome 2 my cyberhome. well... did u purposely come in here or u'r lost? .....hehee anyway, since u'r in my cyberhome now, do make urself @ home n feel free 2 surf around. wat ya waiting 4?.... lets grab ur mouse n begin 2 rock-n-roll! oh-ya! please sign my guestbook b4 u leave ya, okie?? please lah ...hehee

first of all, you might think... why/what superkingkong? ...heheee.. superkingkong is my nickname. many many years ago, when i just "involved" myself in the cyberspace that time, i was choosing an email id. i was thinking to get an id that should be easy to remember. then i thought of "kingkong"... hmm nice! at that time, i love to watch that movie "aces go places" (cantonese movie), starred by sam hui (a hong kong actor) ...hahaa. i know, it's a very very old movie. i think i have watched it for a hundred times :P I just love the movie. it's funny :D ok, back on track :P anyway, sam's name in that movie was "kingkong", so, this was how i thought of the name "kingkong". unfortunately, someone else has taken that id. later, the name "superman" came into my mind. i thought, since "superman" is so common, i decided to mix "superman" and "kingkong" together. finally, superkingkong was born :)

as you all know, hmmm.. do u know?...heheee, i'm from sabah, yeah, the "land below the wind", one of the states situated in east malaysia, the island of borneo. malaysia is a beautiful country with a multi-racial society all living in peace and harmony.

there are many attractive places for tourists coming to sabah, in particular mount kinabalu located in the inner part of sabah, being the highest mountain in south east asia. other places of interests are the danum valley in lahad datu, sabah, and the many beautiful islands and beaches, as well as the pulau sipadan (or sipadan island), famous in the world for deep sea diving.

oh! is it me swinging my head? ....hehehee i've developed a sabah tourism information kiosk, as part of my degree project. it is still a prototype (it means unfinished....hehee). please click here to access my project ;-Þ

do come and visit sabah ;-)

*** something to keep ya mind busy for a while ;-) ***

If someone betrays you once it's his fault; if he betrays you twice, it's your fault.