My Pocket PC Room

Welcome to my Pocket PC Room :) Here, i'll talk about my PDA and stuff :P Well, what do you know? PDA is just an electronic device that replaces the conventional "paper" notebook. Of course it has more functions than just a "notebook". It has to-do list, calendar function for scheduling, checking e-mails, and most importantly, the contact, or the address book function. These are just the basic functions of a PDA. With the third-party applications available out there, you can do more with it. Example, you can install all kinds of games, utility to track you car usage, the mileage and the maintenance, dictionary, bible, surfing the internet and a lot more.

Currently, there are basically two kinds of PDA available out there. There are the PDA with phone function and the one without the phone. I'm using the one without the phone. My thinking is that, since I usually play a lot with my PDA, including tweaking and formatting, yeah, I'm not a normal user! I better have a separate phone. Well, carrying a smartphone looks cool and more convenient (carrying one device instead of two) :P and is the "in-thing", but too bad, I'm not that kind of normal user :P I don't want to miss a call when my PDA crashes :D

HP iPAQ 211

I've been using a PDA since somewhere in 1997. My first PDA was a Palm Pilot Professional... haha It was an antique indeed! Below, I'll list down the line-up of my PDA list.

  1. Palm Pilot Professional
  2. Palm Vx
  3. Handspring Visor
  4. Sony Clie PEG-NX70V

After the Palm era, I moved on to Microsoft Windows CE devices.

  1. Casio Cassiopeia E-125 - Microsoft Windows CE 3.0
  2. Compaq iPAQ H3600 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2000
  3. Compaq iPAQ H3800 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2002
  4. HP iPAQ rx3750 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2003
  5. HP iPAQ hx2750 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2003SE
  6. HP iPAQ 211 - Windows Mobile 6.0

I've just got myself a iPAQ 211 last year, to try on the Windows Mobile 6.0. so far, it's doing good and i'm enjoying. it fixes most bugs found in Microsoft Pocket PC 2003SE, but of course, it also introduces new bugs :( well, it's Microsoft!

I'm using the HP iPAQ 211 with:

  1. Brando Workshop UltraClear PDA Sceen Protector
  2. Brando Workshop Leather Case
  3. Transcend 8 GB SD Card (SDHC)
  4. Gomadic Portable AA Battery Charger uses TipExchange
  5. Gomadic 1 Amp High Output USB Travel Charger Adapter with Power Surge Protection
  6. Eforcity Dual USB Port In-Car Lighter Charger Adapter
  7. Sennheiser CX300-B Earbuds

These are the application and games i've installed onto my iPAQ 211.

Freeware Applications

Freeware Games



UpTime Meter
Conversions In Hand
CorePlayer Mobile
Dive Assistant
eWallet Professional
HNHSoft Talking English-Chinese Dictionary
Pocket Artist
Pocket Controller-Pro
Pocket Informant
Resco Audio Recorder
Resco Explorer 2008
Resco Photo Viewer 2007
SoftMaker Presentations
Spb Diary
Spb Keyboard
Spb Pocket Plus
Spb Time
Spb Traveler
Sprite Backup
Tweaks2K2 .NET
Vehicle Manager
Astraware Boardgames
Bejeweled 2
Bubble Babble
Chinese Chess Professional
Mummy Maze
Plumbin Frenzy
Pocket Breakout
Resco Brain Games