Canopy Walkway Borneo Rainforest Lodge
For discerning visitors to Sabah who yearn to see wildlife in a primeval Borneo rainforest and to understand the conservation realities of our times, we believe we have the right destination. Borneo rainforest lodges is designed by naturalists, build with local materials and located in a magnificent setting beside the Danum River in Sabah' largest protected lowland forest - Danum Valley Field Centre, on the foremost research and environmental education establishments in South East Asia. We hope to demonstrate that appropriate tourism can play an important positive role in rainforest protection.

Orang Utan Sepilok
Besides that, Sipilok is also a "must visit" place if you're a wildlife geek. In Sepilok, about 15 minutes drive from the East Coast town of Sandakan, is the world's largest orang utan sanctuary. Orang utan ('Wild man of Borneo') which have been abandoned by their mothers, or which were formerly in captivity, are rehabilitated until fit enough to be returned to the wild. Watching this charming and entertaining orang utan during feeding time is a sheer delight. Sepilok also houses a couple of highly endangered Sumatran rhinos, and occasionally other animals such as elephants.

Green Turtle Turtle Islands Park
Eight tiny islands, dots in the Suly Sea 40 kilometers north to Sandakan, are among the most important turtle breeding spots in all of Southeast Asia.

Recognizing the importance of protecting these endangered creatures, Sabah Parks created a marine park encompassing three of these islands, together with their surrounding waters and reefs in 1977.

It is a rare experience to watch the huge Green Turtles lumber ashore at night to laboriously dig a hole with their flippers and lay around 100 eggs. Rangers then transfer these eggs to a hatchery where they are kept safe for the 50-60 days incubation period. During the cooler hours around sunset, hatchlings break out of their shells and scramble up through the sand into the netted area.

Hornbill Lower Kinabatangan River
The greatest concentration of wildlife in Sabah, and possibly all of the Borneo, can be found remarkably close to Sandakan, along the lower reaches of Sabah's biggest and longest river, the Kinabatangan. Wild orang utan, macaques, red and silver leaf monkeys, elephants, dozens of beautiful birds including several species of hornbill, crocodiles, civet cats and otters may all be viewed in this region, although the most famous creature of all is undoubtedly the bizarre Proboscis monkey.

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