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Essential Equipment
Buoyancy Compensators
OxyCheq Mach V Signature Series 30# - Red with Black text
OxyCheq Mach V Signature Series 30# (ROW-08-30) - Red with Black text (for Singles)

This is a custom-made Red Color wing with Black text.

Mach V Signature Series Wing for Singles. The low profile produces less drag in the water. The Mach V has integrated role control devices eliminating the need for a single tank adaptor. Inflator hose elbow is off center so it will not interfere with the first stage regulator. Complete with roll control so you will not have to use an STA (Single Tank Adaptor with a OxyCheq backplate.

The Mach V has an extremely low profile.

  • Design : 360
  • Outer Shell : Cordura
  • Inner Bladder : 25 Mil (thicker than water bed)
  • Lift : 30 lbs / 13.7 Kgs
OxyCheq Logo
Oxycheq Vertex Signature Series 360 Single Bladder 55# - Black with Yellow text
Oxycheq Vertex Signature Series 360 Single Bladder 55# (ROW-04-55) - Black with Yellow text (for Doubles)

Vertex Signature Series for Doubles. Inner Bladder/Single Inflator Wing in 360 degree design. Very streamlined providing for less drag and less energy expended when swimming. This 360 design allows for better trim and buoyancy characteristics than the older horseshoe designs.

  • Design : 360 Degree
  • Outer Shell : Cordura
  • Inner Bladder : 25 Mil
  • Lift : 55 lbs / 25 Kgs
OxyCheq Logo

Koplin Ergonomic Stainless Steel Backplate

OxyCheq Hogarthian Harness System

OxyCheq 2in Crotch Strap

OxyCheq SS Cam Buckle Strap - 1 Pair

OxyCheq SS BackPlate - Medium (ROWB-01-02)

Koplin Ergonomic Stainless Steel Backplate

Beautifully machined series 316 1/8" stainless steel that has been laser cut and with a matte finish. Uses Standard 2" Webbing. Slots for Cam Bands for Single Tank use. Angled shoulder straps for a great fit. Holes are standard 11 inch center.

Designed for divers that are 64" to 74" tall (163 - 188 cm)

  • Height :15" (38cm)
  • Weight : 5 pounds (2.3 kg)

OxyCheq Hogarthian Harness System (ROWB-03-03)

A five point Hogarthian harness system consisting of 12 foot (3.6 meter) of two inch (50mm)webbing, six keepers loose keepers, four loose D-rings, stainless steel belt buckle, crotch strap with sewn loop and D-Ring and keeper sewn under the loop in the crotch strap. All hardware is stainless steel. The crotch strap webbing is soft and without resin; this helps to reduce excess wear on exposure suits.

OxyCheq 2" Crotch Strap (ROWB-03-01)

Crotch Strap includes 2 inch wide (50mm) soft webbing, closed sewn loop on one end with straight D and a keeper and open end on the other. The advantage of having the front loop stitched keeps the from creeping or slipping when scootering. The webbing is soft and without resin; this helps to reduce excess wear on exposure suits.

OxyCheq SS Cam Buckle Strap (ROTB-03-02) - 1 Pair

Stainless Steel Cam Buckle with Strap. Also known as deluxe cam strap. Friction pad on webbing to hold tanks and keep them from slipping.

Suunto Logo DeepSeaSupply Logo

Suunto SK7 Wrist Compass

DeepSeaSupply Bungee Mount

Suunto SK7 Wrist Compass with DeepSeaSupply Bungee Mount

The high-quality liquid filled Suunto SK-7 has set a new standard for dive compasses. The device features 2-3 times larger tilt potential than in conventional diving compasses and provides easy-to-read numerals.

The superior SK-7 has an exceptional tilt potential of +/-30°, which is 2-3 times larger than in conventional diving compasses. The firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree is especially designed to prevent sand and dirt contamination, thus allowing smooth turning in all conditions.

Features :

  • Tilt potential of +/- 30°
  • Phosphorescent compass card
  • Large side-reading window

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto SK7 Compass

A replacement "boot" or Mount for the Popular Suunto SK7 Compass. Long the favorite of serious divers, the SK7 compass will still operate even when tilted off level. The factory boot is not a favorite however, hard to don, and toooo tall.

This replacement mount is lower profile, and is designed to accept 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. diameter Bungee Cord. Bungee Cord mounted gauges are far easier to don than Buckled straps, and are depth compensating.

Suunto Logo DeepSeaSupply Logo

Suunto Vytec DS

DeepSeaSupply Bungee Mount

Suunto Vytec DS

The Suunto Vytec DS has incorporated Suunto RGBM Deep Stop Algorithm first seen in the Suunto D9. Divers can choose a deep stop algorithm providing iterative stops at depth instead of the traditional safety stop. When using deep stops the count down timer for each deep stop is displayed in seconds, with the option of having either a 1 or 2 minute stop.

  • Suunto Deep Stop RGBM Alogrithm
  • 3 operating modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge)
  • Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)
  • Complete decompression stop data
  • Gas switching during dive between three Nitrox mixes containing 21-99% oxygen
  • Optional wireless transmitter providing cylinder pressure and remaining air data
  • 36 Hour Profile & Logbook memory
  • Comprehensive dive planning and simulation functions
  • Electroluminescent backlightingAutomatic activation
  • Audible Alarms
  • User replaceable battery

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto Vytec DS

A replacement "boot" or Mount for the Popular Suunto Vyper /Vyper 2/ Vytec Dive Computer. Long the favorite of serious divers, the Vyper / Vyper 2/ Vytec Dive Computer, but the factory boot and wrist strap is not a favorite, hard to don.

Our replacement mount securely retains the computer with an easy snap in fit. Low profile and designed to accept 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. diameter Bungee Cord. Bungee Cord mounted gauges are far easier to don than Buckled straps, and are depth compensating.

Simple, secure, snap in installation, tough elastomeric material, remains flexible at low temperatures.

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OMS® Slipstream

OMS® Spring Heel Straps

OMS® Slipstream with OMS® Spring Heel Straps

A fin so revolutionary that the U.S. Navy cut their swim time by 1 minute on a 500 Meter Swim ! This proven fin design is manufactured from a lightweight, neutrally buoyant Monoprene resin that results in better trim positioning with maximum thrust on the down kick and minimal resistance on the up kick.

OMS® Spring Heel Fin Straps

One size does not fit all. Did you know that One Size fits all Spring Heel Straps may cause excessive coil expansion when used on a larger boot? This excessive coil expansion can facilitate line entanglement in between the expanded coils!

OMS® Spring heel straps come in sizes S, M, L, and XL to insure proper fit and help eliminate excessive coil expansion and entanglements! The springs expand and contract to automatically adjust and compensate for expansion and compression of the divers dry suit boot. The 4.5" Achilles rubber pad provides unprecedented comfort in the heel area and aids in donning and doffing of the fin.

Submersible Pressure Gauge
OMS® Logo
OMS® Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) - G-240-SM-B
OMS® Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) - G-240-SM-B

While others use scratch prone plastic lenses and distortion prone plastic cases OMS® uses only scratch resistant tempered glass lenses (G-BU utilizes a plastic lens) and non distorting brass cases. All gauges use high precision Bourdon tube technology. The G-BU provides for a quick reading of your cylinder pressure and screws into the HP port of your regulator.

  • Oxygen Clean
  • 52mm O.D.
  • Easy to read luminescent dial
  • 400 bar pressure gauge
  • Metric
Atomic Aquatics Logo Marsoops Logo
Atomic Aquatics Frameless - Black

Atomic Aquatics Compact Travel Case

Atomic Aquatics UltraClear Lenses

Scuba Mask Marsoop - Black

Atomic Aquatics Frameless - Black (Main)

Aquatics Frameless mask is about fit, comfort and vision. The large lens and close fitting skirt work in harmony to create perhaps the widest viewing angle of any frameless mask design. The lens shape was computer designed to maximize upward, downward and side to side vision. Because an external frame is not needed, the viewable area of the lens is optimized. Squeeze to adjust buckles are tucked behind the lens for a sleek hydrodynamic design.

The Medium Fit Frameless was designed for slightly narrower faces, yet is identical to our standard Frameless in every other detail. The lens size and shape is the same as the Standard fit to provide the largest visual field possible.

  • Optical quality, distortion free UltraClear lenses
  • Frameless construction is simple, hydrodynamic and leak-free
  • Extremely large viewing area with low volume
  • Great fit
  • Squeeze to adjust buckles
  • Clear or black silicone rubber with co-molded color accents
  • Now available in a new medium fit

Our exclusive low profile travel case protects your mask in the dive bag and takes up only half the space of common mask boxes.

All Atomic Aquatics masks are designed to fold flat to fit in a pocket or our compact travel case.

Shipped standard with the Frameless mask.

UltraClear Lenses

Both the Atomic Aquatics Frameless and SubFrame models offer a new standard feature never seen or "seen through" before in a diving mask. We call them UltraClear lenses.

What makes UltraClear special? Did you ever notice that normal dive mask lenses have a green tint to the glass? To see this tint, put your existing mask up to a piece of white paper and see for yourself. The green tint you see is the result of iron impurities left over in lower quality "float" or window type glass. That green tint distorts true colors and blocks out some of the light that reaches the eye.

UltraClear is a new and exciting optical quality glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission, with no color distortion. The exceptionally high light transmittance and lack of distortion in the UltraClear lens maximizes the light available for improved visual acuity, especially underwater in low light conditions.

Scuba Mask Marsoop - Black

The "Mask Marsoop" operates like a regular mask strap, but when you are finished diving the strap quickly turns inside out over and around the mask to become a protective mask case that floats! The Mask Marsoop, will float almost every mask made. No more hassles looking for your case or worrying about sinking your mask. The strap quickly converts into the case so you can protect your investment.

Mares Logo
Mares Mariner - Silver/Black
Mares Mariner - Silver/Black (Backup)

A futuristic design in a single window mask, innovative in its styling and choice of materials, the Mariner is streamlined and compact. Offering a wide field of vision, the Mariner features an extremely soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt for better adherence to the face. Available with a regular or medium sized skirt the latter is particularly suitable for women and children. With quick-adjust swivel buckles, it is easy to operate even during the dive.

IST Logo Sea Elite Logo
IST Classic Round Dive Mask - Clear Silicone

Sea Elite Neoprene Mask Strap - Black

IST Tortuga (M-27) - Clear Silicone

A Classic Round Mask!

  • For Medium-Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Wide field of vision
  • Classic one window design

Sea Elite Neoprene Mask Strap - Black

Made of Nylon II neoprene material. Replaces mask strap for comfort. Plastic non-slip clips make it easy to install and adjust.

Apeks Logo
Apeks XTX50

Apeks DS4 DIN

Apeks XTX50 with DS4 DIN (2 Sets - Primary & Secondary)

This is the regulator of choice for technical divers around the world. This regulator is often taken to the extremes and never disappoints.

  • The first stage comes standard with a 300 Bar DIN connector
  • It is compatible to EAN 40 new, out of the box
  • This regulator is similar to the XTX50 mentioned previously less the rotating turret
  • The compact first stage is ideally suited for twin manifolds or for use on a single valve
  • The one high-pressure port and four low-pressure ports are positioned for most common technical diving rigs
  • The over-balanced first stage provides superior performance at deeper depths
  • The first stage is dry-sealed preventing the entry of contaminants as well as ice formation on the main spring
  • The XTX50 second stage is pneumatically balanced for very easy breathing
  • Due to its innovative Reversible Venturi System (RVS), the second stage can be configured into a right hand or left hand orientation
  • The venturi lever is ratcheting and indexible
  • Easy-to-grip opening effort control knob
  • Suitable for coldwater use
Dive Rite® Logo
Dive Rite® DIN to Yoke Adapter (RG1225BLK)
Dive Rite® DIN to Yoke Adapter (RG1225BLK)

Change any DIN regulator to a yoke-style with this small, spin-on adapter. Simply turn the DIN to Yoke Adapter onto the regulators DIN fitting and place the yoke over the standard valve. Carry this item with you when traveling to connect your DIN regulator to any resort cylinder. Sturdy hand wheel is easy to operate.

Genesis Logo
Genesis Surf - All Black Silicone
Genesis Surf - All Black Silicone

"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!" Scuba Lab Testers Choice!

  • Quick release snorkel keeper included
  • Large bore, tapered upper tube
  • Flexible silicone lower tube, w/purge

Bought it during my Open Water Course :-P

Luxfer Logo Thermo Logo
Highland Logo OMS® Logo

Luxfer Scuba Aluminium 80 Tanks

Thermo Pro Valve

Highland Stainless Steel Cylinder Bands

OMS® 300 Bar Rotating Cross Bar Manifold

Luxfer Scuba Aluminium 80 Tanks - Brushed No Coat

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders, offers the broadest range of aluminum and hoop-wrapped composite scuba cylinders, providing divers with high-performance service in waters around the globe.

The Luxfer Advantage

  • Proprietary 6061 alloy, a balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend exclusive to Luxfer
  • Cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure
  • Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure
  • Manufactured to all recognized international standards
  • Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior-unlike corrosion-prone steel cylinders
  • Full line of capacities from 6 to 100 cubic feet
  • Nitrox-ready : New Luxfer scuba cylinders are specially prepared at the factory to be suitable for use with oxygen-enriched air mixtures. (It is the responsibility of the cylinder owner to maintain this suitability, including using only Nitrox-compatible components with Luxfer cylinders in oxygen-enriched service.)
  • Consistent weight
  • Thick, damage-resistant walls
  • Wide color range available, including fully brushed and shot-blasted
  • In the U.S., Luxfer offers the world's only 4350-psi (300-bar) hoop-wrapped composite scuba cylinder
Salt Water Buoyancy Thread Size
Full Half Empty
S080 3000 77.4 7.3 26.1 31.4 678 24.5 -1.4 1.5 4.4 0.750-14 NPSM, M25 x 2.0

Thermo Pro Valve

Thermo valves are the standard by which quality is measured in the scuba diving industry. As the largest manufacturer of scuba cylinder valves, Thermo has long been the supplier for OEM valves for all of the major cylinder manufacturers. The Thermo Pro valve comes with the 3/4"-14 NPSM thread and are ready for nitrox service. They feature the large, soft rubber handle for easy operation, even with thick gloves. The Thermo Pro Valve is a convertible valve used in aluminum and steel scuba cylinders for recreational and technical diving. The removable insert is used in place for yoke regulator connectors and removed for use with DIN regulator connectors. The yoke plug is removed with a standard hex wrench.

Service Pressures

  • 2400 - 3442 psi
  • 20.7 - 22.5 MPa

Highland Stainless Steel Cylinder Bands

The Highland Stainless Steel Cylinder Bands are the best in the business when it comes to tank bands! and we now carry both 7.25'' and 8'' bands. The Highland Stainless Steel Cylinder Bands comes with Stainless steel mounting hardware.

  • 100% 316 stainless steel
  • 16 gauge with #4 finish
  • Fusion welds, passivated, polished
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

SB725 - for 7.25" diameter cylinders

  • Band width = 2.50" / 3/8" hardware
  • Bolt length = 4.50" / hole size = .390"

OMS® 300 Bar Rotating Cross Bar Manifold

The OMS® 300 Bar Rotating cross bar manifolds with 3 O-Rings per side have been totally re-engineered for 2008 and are brand new. It is rugged and constructed from aircraft grade brass. Valve Orifice height from the tank shoulder is carefully engineered to prevent hose kinking. The O-Ring Valve/Gas protector protects the valve orifice from deformation and maintains your gas supply if the ON/OFF knob is accidentally turned on.

OMS® manifold valve knobs are manufactured from medium durometer plastic to prevent wedging and accidental turning should the manifold come in contact with the overhead environment.

Manifold Specifications
Model V-300RC
Description 300 bar Rotating Cross Bar Manifold
Valve Thread USA 3/4" 14 NPSM
First Stage Accommodation DIN
Burst Disk Service Pressure 3500 psi (240 bar)
Burst Disk Rupture Pressure 5800 psi (400 bar)
Oxygen Compatible Materials YES
Max Valve Press Rating (DIN Style Only) 4500 psi (310 bar)
Manifold Centerline Dist 209mm - 222mm
Cylinder OD size 6.9" to 8" (175mm - 203mm)

Rotating Cross Bar Manifold Valve + Rotating Cross Bar Manifold Isolator + Rotating Cross Bar Manifold Valve
Weight Belts
Trident Logo
Trident Nylon Weight Belt with SS buckle
Trident Nylon Weight Belt with SS buckle
  • 2" x 58" nylon weight belt
  • Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Color : Blue
XS Scuba Logo ScubaPro Logo

XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt (WB106)

ScubaPro Buckle SS Quick-Release 2in

XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt (WB106)

"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!" Scuba Lab Testers Choice!

  • Constructed of 1000 Dentura Cordura Nylon webbing
  • Each pocket holds 5 lbs. of weight (Shot or Block style)
  • You can not feel the weight on your hips
  • Each pocket is on the outside of the belt so all you feel is the belt itself
  • Fully adjustable weight sleeves, can be adjusted to fit each divers body shape and size
  • No zippers to break or corrode
  • No long strip of Velcro
  • Each pocket opens/closes individually, so no need to open entire belt to change one weight
  • Change/adjust your weights while wearing the belt, no need to remove the belt to do so
  • 6 Pockets
  • Color : Black

ScubaPro Buckle SS Quick-Release 2"

Stainless Steel buckles are heavy-duty (316-series) stainless steel alloy suitable for marine applications.

Exposure Protection
Seapro Logo
Seapro Eco 5mm Boots
Seapro Eco 5mm Boots

Zippered, toe/ heel cap, 5mm.

XS Scuba Logo

7mm PyroStretch™ 'No-Zip' Boot (BT750)

XS Scuba 7mm PyroStretch™ "No-Zip" Boot (BT750)
  • The ultimate cold water boot
  • Incredible warmth, incredible protection
  • PyroStretch™ neoprene construction allows easy on/off with NO zipper
  • Glued and blindstitch construction for a watertight seal
  • Soft nylon lining
  • Heavy-duty molded sole
  • Protective toe cap
  • Rubber heel cap with fin stop
  • Arch support for maximum comfort
Akona Logo
Akona 2mm Low-Cut Socks
Akona 2mm Low-Cut Socks

2mm nylon II neoprene with glue and blind stitched seams for a superior water seal. Airprene side panels allow for water to drain while providing protection and warmth. Redesigned to provide a better fitting, warmer dive sock.

XS Scuba Logo
XS Scuba Lycra Socks
XS Scuba Lycra Socks
  • Easy donning/doffing of boots
  • 100% 4-way stretch lycra
  • Quick drying
Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Evolution

Pinnacle Evolution Undergarment

Pinnacle Lightweight Undergarment

Pinnacle Evolution

The Evolution Drysuit is a premium grade trilaminate membrane drysuit, combining the features of a commercial suit with the style and creature comforts of a recreational suit.

  • Available in Male and Female patterns
  • Trilaminate consists of bonded layers of nylon/polyester weave, butyl rubber, and Cordura™ nylon
  • Vulcanized rubber outer, 5mm neoprene lined boots available in sizes 5 through 15
  • Any size boot can be matched to any size suit
  • Left leg is standard with knife/tool sheath, stainless steel D-ring, and tool loop
  • Right leg comes standard with large bellows pocket with Velcro™ closure
  • Double-thick 220-gram Cordura™ kneepads and wear areas
  • Melco rubber shoulder pads
  • Heaviest grade of latex seals available
  • Wrist loops for octopus or lanyard attachment
  • Rugged YKK/BDM zipper with Cordura™ zipper protector flap
  • Elastic suspenders included
  • Drysuit hood included
  • Low-profile Si Tech 360 degree inflation and exhaust valves
  • Internal baffles on inflation and exhaust valves
  • Inflation hose included
  • Carry bag and accessory bag included

Pinnacle Evolution Undergarment

The Evolution Undergarment is designed for harsh climates. It keeps a diver warm in extremely cold waters, and protects the diver from wind and mist above the surface, yet is soft enough on the inside to be worn against bare skin. Ideal for use in waters from 37°F to 55°F.

  • Outer rip-stop nylon shell stops wind
  • Center 100g/m2 layer of Thinsulate™ provides warmth and wicks moisture away from the diver
  • Internal 250g/m2 layer of technical fleece adds additional warmth and is extremely soft and comfortable
  • Neoprene ankle and wrist cuffs allow easy drysuit donning and keeps moisture from insulation
  • Arm vents allow perspiration to escape
  • Neoprene crotch panel adds to flexibility of the suit
  • Two-way convenience main zipper
  • Zippered breast pocket
  • Two fleece lined side pockets
  • Comfortable ribbed collar
  • Can be worn with any drysuit
  • Machine washable
  • Tog rating (measure of insulation value) of 3.5

Pinnacle Lightweight Undergarment

The Lightweight Undergarment is excellent for warm water drysuit diving, for use beneath 7mm neoprene drysuits, and for layering beneath other undergarments. It is extremely soft and comfortable, incorporating all of the features of the Temperate Undergarment, but in a lighter weight. Ideal for use in waters from 60°F to 78°F.

  • Single layer of 250g/m2 technical fleece provides substantial warmth and tremendous comfort
  • High-stretch construction for greater mobility and wider fit range
  • Very light and flexible
  • Two-way main zipper for easy donning and convenience
  • Thumb loops and stirrups
  • Two fleece lined hip pockets
  • Can be worn with any drysuit and beneath many other undergarments
  • Machine washable
  • Tog rating (measure of insulation value) of 1.3
Mares Logo
Mares Amara 2mm Gloves
Mares Amara 2mm Gloves
  • Great Combination of Warmth and Dexterity
  • Suede-like Amara (Synthetic Leather) Palm and Fingers
Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Attack 2mm Gloves
Pinnacle Attack 2mm Gloves

2mm superstretch Elastiprene neoprene makes this glove fit and react like a second skin. Originally designed for spearfishermen, it is also excellent for underwater photographers, search and recovery specialists, or anyone wanting superior flexibility and comfort. Rubber friction dots all around the outside of the glove ensure strong grip. Complete with mesh carry bag.

Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Merino-Karbonflex 4mm Gloves
Pinnacle Merino-Karbonflex 4mm Gloves
  • Titanium material for superior warmth
  • Palm, inside of fingers and outer finger tips reinforced with Kevlar for added strength, abrasion resistance, and hand protection
  • Wide wrap around Velcro wrist closure for easy on and off
  • Color : Black
Dive Rite® Logo
Dive Rite® Dry Glove
Dive Rite® Dry Glove (EX910, EX911)

Heavy duty Si-Tech gloves allow for dexterity and normal blood flow to the hands, while insulating for greater comfort. Our Drygloves (EX910) are simple to use and easy to don/doff without assistance. The Quick Glove Docking System (EX911) aligns perfectly without exposed o-rings or cement. Drysuit wrist seals are protected and the docking set can be added or removed whenever needed. An equalizing tube is included to equalize the glove airspace with the Drysuit. The black spanner ring is for thick gloves and the yellow spanner ring is for thin. Drygloves include liners and are available in sizes M-XL. Quick Glove Docking System is sold separately.

  • Connecting rings keep gloves fastened without o-rings or cement
  • Palm, inside of fingers and outer finger tips reinforced with Kevlar for added strength, abrasion resistance, and hand protection
  • Dryglove adapters work by friction and are squeezed onto any of the three docking systems
  • Gloves are designed to provide maximum dexterity and comfort
To use the Quick Dry Glove Docking System

Install the Quick Clamp adapters on any drysuit latex cuff seals (including the Dive Rite® 905) without O-rings or cement. Fit the Quick Comfort Rings on the appropriate size Showa Dry Gloves and liners. Donning the gloves without any assistance takes just an instant to dock the Quick Comfort Rings with the Quick Clamp adapters.

Quick Clamp Set
Quick Clamp Set
Quick Comfort Rings Set
Quick Comfort Rings Set
+ Showa Dry Glove w/liner
Showa Dry Glove
= Quick Dry Gloves
Quick Dry Glove Docking System
Quick Dry Glove Combo Docking Set
Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Lycra Hood
Pinnacle Lycra Hood

The Pinnacle Lycra Hood is a very light weight Lycra but adds just perfect amount of warmth for those tropical settings! The Pinnacle Lycra Hood can be used as a device for hair control, to protect the head from mask straps, or as a liner for thicker hoods and here in our area the perfect protection from those nibbling fish.

  • Lightweight Lycra exterior allows for snug yet comfortable fit
  • Brushed interior is soft and comfortable against the face
  • Provides insulation without causing overheating
  • Controls long hair
  • The Pinnacle Lycra Hood Rolls into a very small ball for travel packing
Akona Logo
Akona 3mm Standard Hood
Akona 3mm Standard Hood
  • 3mm neoprene
  • Reversible to high-visibility orange
  • Flat lock stitching
  • Extended neck to protect from sea itch and jellyfish
Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Merino™ Lined 5mm Hood
Pinnacle Merino™ Lined 5mm Hood

The 5mm Merino Lined Hood offers greater warmth than most standard 7mm hoods, yet is as light and flexible as a traditional 5mm hood. Ideal for cool to cold waters, the 5mm Merino Lined Hood will keep you warm and comfortable dive after dive.

Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Merino™ Lined 7mm Drysuit Hood
Pinnacle Merino™ Lined 7mm Drysuit Hood

The Merino™ Lined Drysuit Hood is the warmest hood available, and will keep a drysuit diver's head warm and comfortable in even the most severe water temperatures.

  • 7mm titanium-lined neoprene throughout the head and neck areas
  • Pinnacle's patented Merino™ lining throughout the hood
  • Merino™ adds up to 35% more thermal efficiency than neoprene alone
  • Merino™ does not promote the growth of bacteria, which makes the hood more hygienic and reduces odor
  • Merino™ dries faster than traditional neoprene linings
  • 3mm face seal with smoothskin seal
  • Face seal can be trimmed to any desired size
  • Complete double-glued and blind stitched construction
  • Short neck to work in concert with drysuit neck seal
  • Automatic vents allow air to escape as necessary from the top of the hood while restricting water entry
  • Reflective front patch and rear pattern for instant recognition and safety
  • Can be worn with any drysuit
Mares Logo
Mares Samoa 1.5mm Wetsuit
Mares Samoa 1.5mm Wetsuit

For diving in the tropical temperature. It provides mainly protection again bugs & sea lices. It also provides a bit of thermal protection.

Henderson Logo
Henderson Thermoprene™

Henderson Thermoprene™ Jumpsuit 3mm (Back Zip)

Henderson Thermoprene™ Jumpsuit 3mm (Back Zip) - Black

Get the features and design benefits of more expensive suits in this economically priced jumpsuit ideal for both local waters and exotic destinations. The Thermoprene Jumpsuit's effectivness is based on a countoured fit that helps keeps water exchange to a minimum combined with a superior grade of neoprene for maximum heat retention. All seams are GBS-glued and blindstitched, which furter prevents water seepage and extends suit life. Creature comforts include Lycra trimmed cuffs, a spinepad and an adjustable collar.

Technologies :

  • Lycra® Trim
  • GBS-Glued & BlindStitched Seams
  • Back Zip
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Freedom Flex Kneepads
  • Spinepad/Zipper Seal
Akona Logo
Akona 7mm Wetsuit
Akona 7mm Wetsuit
  • 7.0mm nylon II neoprene
  • Glued and blind stitched inside and out
  • All edges finished with black nylon binding
  • #10 YKK delrin zipper in back of suit
  • 3.0mm cold water flap at zipper - skin out to form watertight seal
  • Reinforced zipper panel
  • Skin seals at wrists, ankles and neck
  • 4mm neoprene flex panels at knees, elbows and neck
  • AKONA rubber knee pads attached
  • AKONA zipper pull
Body Glove Logo
Body Glove Short-Sleeve Rash Guard
Body Glove Short-Sleeve Rash Guard
  • For use as a thermal layer and/or UV and rash protection (S.P.F. 30)
  • 6oz Lycra
  • Protects you from sun rays
  • Elastic on waist and sleeves
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be worn by itself in warm water or under a thicker suit for added warmth
Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Long-Sleeve Rash Guard
Pinnacle Long-Sleeve Rash Guard
  • 6 oz Lycra material
  • Coated with UV coating, which provides greater than SPF 50 + protection
  • Flatlock stitching for comfort and flexibility
  • Neck seam is reverse overlock stitch for even greater comfort
  • Great beach wear, surf wear, workout gear, or just wearing it as a shirt
  • Ideal for wearing under wetsuits or as a apres-dive attire
  • Colors are opaque, even when wet
  • 100% colorfast
Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle 3mm Vest
Pinnacle 3mm Vest
  • Titanium neoprene 4 way-stretch
  • Titanium material for superior warmth
  • Can be worn under other suits for added warmth
  • Can be worn by itself in tropical waters
  • Super-Stretch stretches up to 200% more than standard neoprene
  • Super stretch neoprene eliminates the need for a zipper
  • Stress disks on all seam intersections
  • Color : Black
Henderson Logo
Henderson Tropic Lycra® Unisex Tropic Shorts
Henderson Tropic Lycra® Unisex Tropic Shorts

"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!" Scuba Lab Testers Choice!

  • Ultra durable
  • Fast drying and odor resistant
  • Highly abrasion resistant and will not fade
  • Strong flatlock stitching design
  • Made from heavyweight 4-way stretch Lycra
  • Color : Black
IST Logo
IST 2mm Neoprene Pants
IST 2mm Neoprene Pants (WP-2)
  • New 2mm fine stitched water sport pants
  • smooth skin inside for more comfort
Citizen Logo
Citizen Promaster Aqualand
Citizen Promaster Aqualand (JP1010-00E)
  • Analog and Digital Displays
  • Alarm
  • Chronograph Functions to 1/100 second
  • Underwater Depth Display Down to 260 Feet
  • Second Display for Maximum Depth, Dive Time, Water Temperature
  • 4-Dive Memory of Important Dive Date
  • Auto-Start Dive Module
  • Rapid Ascent Warning Signal

Case and Bracelet Features :

  • Screw-Back Case and and Screw-Down Crown
  • Water Resistant to 200 Meters
  • Flexible Rubber Band Adjusts for Wearing With or Without Wetsuit (and Different Wetsuit Thickness)
Trident Logo
Trident Titanium 3in BC Knife
Trident Titanium 3" BC Knife
  • Titanium combines durability, sharpness, hardness, strength and abrasion resistance
  • Blade is 100% corrosion resistant
  • Tank Banging Tip on Handle
  • Blade Length : 3"
  • Color : Black with Blue accents
Underwater Kinetics Logo
Underwater Kinetics Blue-Tang Hydralloy Blunt-Tip Knife - Black
Underwater Kinetics Blue-Tang Hydralloy Blunt-Tip Knife - Black
  • HYDRALLOY steel blade for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Unique blend of metal alloys and proprietary finishing techniques provides the strength of 420 Stainless Steel, while exceeding the corrosion resistance of 316 Stainless Steel
  • Serrated edge and hooked line cutter for cutting rope and line
  • One hand insertion and removal from sheath
  • Quick disassembly for easy cleaning. No tools required!
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Two depth compensating leg straps
  • Tank banging tip on handle
  • Blate Length : 5"
  • Overall Length : 10"
OMS® Logo
OMS® Compact Titanium Line Cutter with pouch
OMS® Compact Titanium Line Cutter with pouch

The OMS® Compact Line cutter measures 4.87" in overall length, incorporates a sharp serrated and standard cutting edge and is fabricated from pure non-magnetic Titanium. The supplied pouch allows mounting in a horizontal or vertical position. There is also a mounting hole in the handle that enables the user to tether the cutter to a pouch or harness.

The Titanium compact line cutter is a logical selection when low maintenance as well as non magnetic properties are required.

Scuba.com Logo
Scuba.com Stainless Steel Underwater Safety Shears
Scuba.com Stainless Steel Underwater Safety Shears
  • nylon sheath
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Fits any BC or weight belt with 2 inch webbing
  • Swivel clip attaches directly to BC
  • Cuts easily through line, net, rope, kelp and thin steel cable
  • Shears Length : 7"
  • Overall Length : 10.5"
  • Color : Black
Dive Rite® Logo Storm Case Logo
Dive Rite® H10 HID Slimline Light

Dive Rite® H10 HID Slimline Light

Storm Case - iM2050

Dive Rite® Buckle SS Quick-Release 2in

Dive Rite® H10 HID Slimline Light
  • H10 test tube lens with focusable beam
  • 10-watt HID H10 bulb is 300% brighter than halogen. Has a 1,100 hour life and requires a warm-up time of 4-minutes after striking prior to shut-off
  • Color temperature of 7,500 degrees Kelvin (approximately 500 lumens)
  • External, adjustable focus reflector
  • Burn time approximately 4-hours
  • 12V 4500 mA NiMH battery requires cycling when first used to achieve maximum burn times
  • Charger has 120/220 Vac rating with auto sensing with a standard 2-pole sealed plug and 2-pronged wall outlet plug that connects to any standard power outlet. Red and Green LED indicators
  • Single compression style o-ring canister seal prevents water entering canister
  • Compression-style locking hatches eliminates unintentional opening of the lid
  • Two-inch nylon webbing belt mount fits standard webbing harnesses
  • Canister mounted toggle switch with protector to minimize accidental on/off
  • 3.8 lbs (1.72 kg) (includes battery)
  • Buoyancy is 1.25 lbs (0.57 kg) negative in fresh water
  • H10 light head : 4.25-inches long x 3-inches diameter at reflector and 2.75-inches diameter at ballast
  • Slimline canister : 9-inches long x 2.6-inches diameter (22.86cm x 6.60cm)

Hardigg Storm Case - iM2050

Storm Cases are more than just watertight, padlockable and made in the USA, they're also Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life.

  • Two Press & Pull Latches
  • Double-layered, Soft-grip Handle
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • Vortex® Valve
  • Flush Powerful Hinges
  • Meets Carry-on Regulations
  • Lightweight Strong HPX® Resin
  • Watertight
  • Guaranteed For Life
  • Outer Dimensions : 11.8" x 9.8" x 4.7"
  • Inner Dimensions : 9.5" x 7.5" x 4.25"
  • Shipping Weight : 2.7 lbs
  • Case Material : Injection Molded HPX resin
  • Colors : Black

Dive Rite® Buckle SS Quick-Release 2"

Stainless Steel buckles are heavy-duty (316-series) stainless steel alloy is used on the harness to prevent the canister from sliding.

Gulftex Logo
Gulftex Photon Torpedo LED

Gulftex Photon Torpedo LED

Gulftex Photon Torpedo LED

Gulftex has taken 3 c-cell backup lights to a new level with several design enhancements, and unmatched reliability.

The "Photon Torpedo" has 50%+ greater wall thickness than competitive lights, making this the most durable backup light ever. And yes, it's machined from a solid rod of Delrin.

And OF COURSE we provide a DUAL O-RING seal to stop any flooding potential. Even better, we re-engineered the actuation mechanism so the light actually "turns on" when the bezel is screwed down, and "turns off" with a short twist (no need to turn and turn).

And with our lathe-cut knurling on the body, this is one light that you can really hang onto (even with gloves).

We also feature a full-diameter forward flange, that prevents the bezel from hanging up on deployment, and a smooth radius butt end for easy stowing.

The brightness is "bright". It's somewhere between 0 and 100 lumens (there isn't an industry standard for these numbers so I'm not going to "claim" any).

It utilizes a high-flux LED emiter that is in the 3-5 watt range.

The emiter is driven through a voltage regulated circuit to help maintain a constant brightness and low power consumption.

The burn time is PLENTY. After 2-3 hours, I can't visually detect any dimming; maybe YOU can. After 137 hours (5 days, 17 hours) test lights were still bright enough to illuminate gauges. It is highly recommended to keep fresh batteries in your backup lights at all times.

Beam spread : Very narrow with soft surrounding light-spill. The random test-light exhibited a ~2.6 degree half-angle of divergence (5-6 degree total spread). The tight focus is achieved by utilizing a polished reflector rather than optics.

  • Power : 3-5 Watts
  • Battery Life : 100+ hours
  • Depth : 500 feet
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Solid Delrin
  • Overall Length : ~8.312"
  • Flange/Bezel Diameter : ~1.740"
  • Body O.D. : ~1.500"
  • Weight (w/o batteries) : ~7.25 oz
  • Batteries : 3 C-cell Alkaline
  • Bulb : 3-5 watt high-flux LED emiter
  • Depth Rating : Tested to 500+ fsw
Princeton Tec Logo
Princeton Tec Tec 40
Princeton Tec Tec 40
  • 2006 Model
  • Twist actuator (Twist-on bezel) prevents accidental powering on/off
  • Battery Life : 3-5 hrs
  • Depth : 2000 feet
  • Power : 4 Watts
  • Color : Lime
Underwater Kinetics Logo
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED Plus
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED Plus
  • Twin element projection optics creates a narrow 13° beam out of water which opens to almost 20° underwater for smooth illumination
  • LED will not break when dropped; no glass or filament
  • Power control delivers constant light output during battery life
  • Twist ON/OFF Bezel
  • Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance
  • Works well as a photographers spotting light. Fits Sea & Sea, Ultralight and other camera mounting adapters
  • Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
  • Power : 2 watts
  • Depth : 500 feet
  • Color : Black
Princeton Tec Logo
Princeton Tec Eco Flare
Princeton Tec Eco Flare
  • Includes : Blinking red LED and high output bulb
  • Twist actuator (Twist-on bezel) prevents accidental powering on/off
  • Power : 1 Watt
  • Bulb Life : 50+ hours
  • Battery Life : 3-5 hours
  • Depth : 2,000 feet
  • Color : Blue
Glo-Toob Logo
Glo-Toob FX
Glo-Toob FX
  • High intensity light with high-viz green color
  • Aluminium and epoxy resin
  • Stainless steel split ring
  • Dimensions : 2.75" x 0.75"
  • Depth Rating : 330 feet
  • Color : Green
Innovative Scuba Logo
Innovative Scuba Lazer-Stik™ Light Stick
Innovative Scuba Lazer-Stik™ Light Stick
  • Twist actuator (Twist-on bezel) prevents accidental powering on/off
  • Similar in size to a chemical light stick
  • The entire lens glows bright red
  • Flashing red
  • Battery Life : Flashing - 20 hour
  • Depth : 350 ft
Reels and Spools
Dive Rite® Logo
Dive Rite® Spools with Yellow #24 Line - 100'
Dive Rite® Spools with Yellow #24 Line - 100'

These Finger Spools are small enough to stow in an accessory pocket. These "no-frills" spools can substitute for jump reels or safety reels.

Comes with 100 feet of line.

XS Scuba Logo
XS Scuba Hi Viz Finger Spool - 160'
XS Scuba Hi Viz Finger Spool - 160'

Finger spools are a convenient way to carry line for a variety of diving applications. Many divers now choose to use a finger spool for shooting lift bags, personal marker bags, or safety sausages. Cave and technical divers use finger spools as safety lines. Many technical divers carry a couple of these spools in a pocket for a variety of uses.

All of the spools are made from injection-molded glass-filled Delrin thermoplastic for durability and long life. These things are almost indestructible! Each spool comes with your choice of 65 feet, 100 feet, or 160 feet of high visibility yellow nylon line. This high quality line has a solid nylon core and is braided with the high visibility yellow nylon exterior line. A stainless-steel clip is provided to secure the spool. This stainless-steel double ender also has a stainless spring, so you should get great service out of this spool.

Size Information :

  • Line Length : 165 Feet
  • Spool Diameter : 3 1/4"
  • Finger Hole Diameter : 1"
  • Spool Width : 1 3/4"
Salvo Logo
Salvo 400' Primary Reel
Salvo 400' Primary Reel
  • Made from all Delrin construction
  • Spool is 5"(12.7cm) dia. and 2.25"(5.7cm) wide
  • Handle is machined from a solid sheet of Delrin
  • Come complete with 400'(121m) of #24 line and 4 3/8" double ender
Surface Marker Buoy
OMS® Logo OxyCheq Logo
OMS® SMB (BCA-255)

OxyCheq SMB Pocket

OMS® SMB (BCA-255)
  • Manual dump valve
  • Unique non-air spill openings that prevent liftbag from dumping air or taking on water when it hits the surface
  • Point of attachment for a slate
  • 50 lbs of lift
  • Length : 5'2"
  • Color : Red

OxyCheq SMB Pocket

A pocket from OxyCheq to store the OMS® SMB, mounted below the BackPlate.

ScubaMax Logo
ScubaMax 6' Safety Sausage
ScubaMax 6' Safety Sausage (SP-02-NY)

Smart divers never dive in the ocean without a personal safety sausage marker. All dive stores offer the small "see me" safety sausages. Unfortunately, these are often much to small in length and diameter of be of value. ScubaMax and Dive Sports offer you the amazing 6 Foot Safety Sausage. This bag is easily inflated with the oral inflator and is a full six feet long when inflated! This sausage is also 3.5 inches in diameter, wide enough to stand up strong against the wind.

  • 420D Heavy Nylon 6' Close End Dive Sausage
  • Color : Neon Yellow
Lift Bag
XS Scuba Logo
XS Scuba Deluxe 50 lb Lift Bag - Yellow
XS Scuba Deluxe 50 lb Lift Bag - Yellow
  • "Anti-Spill" bottom with baffle to allow easy fill from any device and remains inflated until you empty it
  • Folds into neat, compact roll for easy handling underwater
  • Velcro strip at the bottom holds the float in a tight roll when not in use
  • Overpressure relief valve with pull for manual release
  • Elastic loop at top for slate attachment
  • Lifting strap with stainless steel D-ring at bottom
  • Lift : 50lbs
  • Color : Yellow
Innovative Scuba Logo
Innovative Scuba Pro Slate Junior™ - Glow-in-the-Dark (4in x 6in)
Innovative Scuba Pro Slate Junior™ - Glow-in-the-Dark (4"x6")

Super FLUOR-BRITE glow in the dark slates glow brighter and longer with high density flourescent concentrate. Comes with both pencil clip and pencil tethered with latex tubing and a split ring for easy attatchment.

OMS® Logo
OMS® Wrist Slate
OMS® Wrist Slate (A-WSlate)

The OMS® PVC wrist slate incorporates (3) writing surfaces. The base that curves around your wrist has (2) attached leaves that easily flip up for multiple writing surfaces. An elastic cord affixed to the solid graphite pencil prevents accidental loss, and a special clip system stows the graphite pencil. The elastic cords secure the slate and conform to the wrist area on your exposure suit.

OxyCheq Logo Pilot Logo
OxyCheq Deluxe Wet Notes

Pilot Croquis

OxyCheq Deluxe Wet Notes (ROWN-03-01)

Wet notes in a cordura cover with inside pockets for pencil and more. Sewn loop to attach a bolt snap.

Pilot Croquis

High grade sketching and drawing pencil with 3mm lead in H, B or 6B grades.

Canon Logo
Canon Powershot A640 Digital Camera

Canon A640 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot A640 Digital Camera


Product Type Digital camera
Weight 8.6 oz
Width 4.3 in
Depth 1.9 in
Height 2.6 in
Main Features
Resolution 10 megapixels
Sensor resolution 10 megapixels
Optical Sensor Type CCD
Effective Sensor Resolutions 10,000,000 pixel
Total Pixels 10,400,000 pixels
Optical Sensor Size 1/1.8 in
Light Sensitivity ISO 80, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO auto
Digital Zoom 4x
Shooting Modes Frame movie mode
Shooting Programs Snow, Beach, Indoor, Foliage, Fireworks, Landscape, Color swap, Underwater, Kids & pets, Night scene, Color accent, Portrait mode, Stitch assist, Night snapshot
Special effects Sepia, Vivid, Neutral, Positive, Black & White, Custom Effect, Darker Skin Tone, Lighter Skin Tone
Max Shutter Speed 1/2500 sec
Min Shutter Speed 15 sec
Exposure Metering Spot, Evaluative, Center-weighted
Exposure Modes Manual, Program, Automatic, Shutter-priority, Aperture-priority
Exposure Compensation ±2 EV range, in 1/3 EV steps
White Balance Custom, Presets, Automatic
White Balance Presets Cloudy, Daylight, Underwater, Fluorescent, Tungsten light
Digital video format AVI
Still Image Format JPEG
Continuous Shooting Speed 1.5 frames per second
Color support Color
AE/AF Control FlexiZone
TV Tuner None
Video Capture AVI - 640 x 480, AVI - 640 x 480, AVI - 320 x 240, AVI - 320 x 240, AVI - 160 x 120
Memory / Storage
Flash Memory 32 MB Flash - MultiMediaCard
Floppy Drive None
Image Storage Super-fine JPEG 3648 x 2736, Fine JPEG 3648 x 2736, Normal JPEG 3648 x 2736, Super-fine JPEG 2816 x 2112, Fine JPEG 2816 x 2112, Normal JPEG 2816 x 2112, Super-fine JPEG 2272 x 1704, Fine JPEG 2272 x 1704, Normal JPEG 2272 x 1704, Super-fine JPEG 1600 x 1200, Fine JPEG 1600 x 1200, Normal JPEG 1600 x 1200, Super-fine JPEG 640 x 480, Fine JPEG 640 x 480, Normal JPEG 640 x 480, Super-fine JPEG 3648 x 2048, Fine JPEG 3648 x 2048, Normal JPEG 3648 x 2048
Supported Flash Memory MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
Additional Features
Self Timer Yes
Self Timer Delay 2 sec, 10 sec
Additional Features AE lock, AF lock, FE lock, Safety zoom, Blur warning, DPOF support, Direct print, Audio recording, Auto power save, Built-in speaker, Histogram display, PictBridge support, USB 2.0 compatibility, Digital image rotation, Digital tele-converter, Digital noise reduction, RGB primary color filter, Display brightness control, Camera orientation detection
Camera Flash
Effective Flash Range 1.5 ft - 14 ft
Type Built-in flash
Flash Modes Auto mode, Fill-in mode, Slow synchro, Flash OFF mode, Rear curtain sync, Red-eye reduction
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Effective flash range 1.5 ft - 14 ft
Features AF illuminator, Flash +/- compensation
Viewfinder Type Optical - Real-image zoom
Type LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5 in - Color
Mounting Rotating
Resolution 115,000 pixels
Type Microphone - Built-in
Connector Type 1 x USB, 1 x Composite video/audio output, 1 x DC power input
Expansion Slot(s) 1 x SD Memory Card
Lens Systems
Auto Focus TTL contrast detection
Type Zoom lens
Focal length 7.3 mm - 29.2 mm
Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera 35 - 140 mm
Focus adjustment Manual, Automatic
Auto Focus Points (Zones) 9
Min Focus Range 17.7 in
Macro Focus Range 1cm
Lens Aperture F/2.8-4.1
Optical Zoom 4x
Zoom Adjustment Motorized drive
Lens construction 7 : 8
Features Aspherical lens, Built-in lens shield
Carrying Case None
Cables Included A/V cable, USB cable
Included Accessories Wrist strap
Min Operating Temperature 32 °F
Max Operating Temperature 104 °F
System Requirements for PC Connection
Operating system MS Windows ME, MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 98 SE, Apple Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.4
Peripherals USB port, CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor
Supported Battery 4 x AA Alkaline battery ( Included )
Type Canon PhotoStitch, Canon ImageBrowser, Drivers & Utilities, Canon Remote Capture, Canon ZoomBrowser EX
Canon Logo
Canon WP-DC8 Waterproof Case
Canon WP-DC8 Waterproof Case
  • Compatible with the Powershot A640 and A630
  • Waterproof to 130'
  • Clear polycarbonate construction
  • Housing accesses all camera functions
  • Small enough to use for other sporting activities like skiing or fishing
  • Includes neck and wrist straps, flash diffuser and silicone grease for waterproof seal
Dry Bags
Innovative Scuba Logo
Innovative Scuba Dry Bag - Large (10in x 13in)
Innovative Scuba Dry Bag - Large (10"x13")

Super durable dry bags with hook and loop closure keeps water out! Store anything you want to keep dry including wallet, maps, camera, cell phone, books, ect.

Akona Logo
Akona Dry Stuff Sack (AKB774)
Akona Dry Stuff Sack (AKB774)

Clear design to easily identify bags contents. Flexible material offers easy storage. Includes shoulder strap for convenient transport.

  • Materials : Clear PVC with reinforced nylon mesh. Radio Frequency welded for a fused waterproof seal
  • Carry Handle : Close and lock roll-top to create convenient carry handle
  • Shoulder Straps : Adjustable and removable
  • Special Features : See-through design with rounded bottom for additional packing volume
  • Overall Dimensions : 22" X 12.5" diameter
Dry Box
Pelican Logo
Pelican 1200 Case (Black)
Pelican 1200 Case (Black)

Interior Dimensions : 9.25" x 7.12" x 4.12"

  • Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • O-ring seal
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Pick 'N' Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • Color : Black
Gear Bags
Akona Logo
Akona Mask Bag (AKB804)
Akona Mask Bag (AKB804)

Specially padded compact design. Convenient clip allows the Mask Bag to attach to a dive bag or backpack. Includes a full size bottle of 500 PSI Mask Defog (2 ounces), a non-toxic formula which effectively cleans your mask. Made in the USA.

Materials : 600D poly-natural fiber blend with polyurethane interior coating. Incredibly durable, water and stain resistant

Special Features : Padded mask pocket with Velcro closure. Side pocket includes 2 oz. 500 PSI defog solution. Attached key clip and AKONA embroidery. Opens completely for convenient access to bag contents and quick drying. Open-ended design allows for storage of mask with snorkel attached.

Pinnacle Logo
Pinnacle Deluxe Drysuit Bag
Pinnacle Deluxe Drysuit Bag

The Deluxe Drysuit Bag comes as a standard part of the Evolution series of drysuits. It is also available for purchase by itself for use with any other drysuit or for any other application. The bag is more than large enough to carry a drysuit, undergarment, hood, gloves, and drysuit accessories.

  • 3,906 cubic inches of total storage space
  • 31" x 21" x 6"
  • Two sturdy carry straps with padded handle
  • Zippered pocket keeps keys, wallet, watch, and other valuables safe and dry
  • Slight trapezoidal shape and expanding base allow the bag to stand when loaded
Akona Logo
Akona Deluxe Mesh Backpack (AKB234)
Akona Deluxe Mesh Backpack (AKB234)

"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!" Scuba Lab Testers Choice!

  • Large top opening with draw cord closure
  • Large outside pocket
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Large enough to carry a complete set of gear
  • Load your gear in and dunk the whole bag in the rinse tank
  • Unique rubber side-carry handle
  • Full-length, zippered side opening
  • Backpack panel features convenient zippered compartment
  • Dimensions : 30" x 16" x 16"
  • Capacity : 7658 cubic inches
Akona Pro Regulator Bag 2007 (AKB607)
Akona Pro Regulator Bag 2007 (AKB607)
  • Fully padded
  • Carry handle
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Velcro tie-down straps
  • Heavy duty 600 Denier
  • Dimensions : 12" x 14" x 4"
  • Color : Black
  • Capacity : 700 cubic inches
Akona Logo
Akona Weight Bag (AKB944)
Akona Weight Bag (AKB944)

A rugged bag designed to carry diving weights with ease and confidence. Wrap around handles and reinforced bottom securely support the load. Built with drain holes for quick drying.

  • Materials : 600D poly-natural fiber blend with polyurethane interior coating. Incredibly durable, water and stain resistant
  • Zippers : YKK #10 Delrin molded. Superior rust and corrosion resistance
  • Carry Handles : Embroidered AKONA handles wrap completely around the bag for full support. Secures with Velcro closure. Reinforced box stitching
  • Luggage Tag : AKONA molded design constructed of hardened rubber for increased durability. Accommodates business cards
  • Special Features : Reinforced PVC bottom with brass drain holes. AKONA molded zipper pulls
  • Overall Dimensions : 12" x 6" x 6"
  • Weight : 1 lbs. 5 oz
IST Logo
IST 840D Nylon Duffle with Wheels (B-001)
IST 840D Nylon Duffle with Wheels (B-001)
  • Materials : 840 Denier
  • Dimension : 29" x 14" x 16" (73x35x40 cm)
  • Color : Black
Certifying Agencies
DAN Logo
GUE Logo
Padi Open Water
Padi Advanced Open Water
PSAI Nitrox
DAN Oxygen First Aid Provider
GUE Fundamentals
DAN Logo

Scuba Diving Insurance